Bio: I love to write and have been keeping a journal for well over 10 years now. Its my saviour, my friend and my therapist. Its the place I can freely rant and rave and let go of all those pent up emotions that take up so much space sometimes. Also my dreams and aspirations along with all the wonderful things I am grateful for are written in my pages. Its not a record of daily events more a place where I get to air my ideas and even say my prayers.I use my writings to remind myself of how blessed I am and to say thank you. I love cats and have a very tolerant but eccentric husband. My family are everything to me and I am a mum of 2 who I adore and could not be prouder of. A boy and a girl. I'm Nanny Jac to 3 beautiful boys, oh and also nanny to my daughters cat, Pidge. I want to do Route 66 on a trike and learn how to roller skate again! I want to visit New Orleons and listen to some blues. I am a designer of fabric pieces to use on up-cycled furniture. I am addicted to screen printing and intend making a career from my creativity. I want to write childrens books and play a lot more. I love music, dancing and being outrageous with my friends.I am learning how to say 'no' more often, be true to myself and not worry about what others think of me. I am learning to 'live'.......at last!!!! Well most of the time anyway and refuse to grew old gracefully. Jacksattic is about anything and everything that takes my fancy.

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